Our Story

Emily and Gary Slusher and their daughter, Angela Slusher Kakabeeke are collaborating as a team to find ways to share the important message to discover the earth by being Earth Detectives to be Blue, Green & Clean.

Gary, Emily, Angela and their entire family love nature. They love to explore nature and appreciate nature wherever their travels take them.  They all have had the absolute blessing to live and observe nature in various areas around the United States. In the desert of Arizona to the mountains of Colorado, across the US to coastal Georgia, in the hills of Tennessee and the Appalachians in North Carolina and recently, the Eastern Seaboard of Massachusetts.

Inspiration for Earth Detectives was inspired by Gary and Emily's grandchildren to act on ways to keep the earth Blue Green and Clean not only for their generations but for generations to come.

Meet the Team

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Angela Kakabeeke

Author Speaker Founder


Emily Slusher


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Gary Slusher

Founder-Exploration Geologist

Next Steps...

Check out facebook for ideas on being Blue, Green & Clean.

Contact us at to find ways you can encourage your community to be Earth Detectives to be Blue, Green & Clean.