Earth Detectives-B

Author Visits and Workshops

Emily and Angela have collaborated in developing researched-based workshops that encourage children to think, dream, design and rethink better ways they can help the earth be Blue, Green & Clean.


Earth Detectives Workshop

-one hour author story time, interactive workshop and discount on eco- literacy books.

-ReSearching real world situations in sustainable practices

-Investigating local and global issues with keeping the earth Blue, Green and Clean

-Analysis: What do the clues tell us?

-Problem Solving: identify real issues and find solutions.

-Follow-up: Identify out of classroom problems, stating evidence (clues) identify real problem and propose solution.



What is Sustainability

-Simply ways to be Blue Green and Clean

-Discovering Blue green and Clean

-Doing a little bit better each day

-Sustainability Scorecard


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Workshops available at schools, businesses and clubs.  Email for more information